Ecosystem | Oxford Dictionary (noun) a complex network or interconnected system

 We turn ecosystems into a verb, a call to action to get your business ahead of the competition

Blockchain is pioneering a new more collaborative and trusted future. This emerging economy requires new mindsets and openly innovative business models.  We partner with you and your business to deliver a unique and strategic business solution tailored to your sector

Business-to-Startup partnership scouting

Business-to-Startup partnership scouting

Business-to-Startup partnership scouting creates and open innovation partnership which can accelerate business growth for both companies 

Through our extensive network, we will help you find your Business-to-Startup partnership and plan the first steps in your new venture

Ecosystem analysis

 Ecosystem analysis

Ecosystem analysis focuses your efforts on the most appropriate business development opportunity for you before you pick up the phone

As regional experts we will analyse your opportunity and you can hit the ground running when you arrive 

Entrepreneurship landscaping

Entrepreneurship landscaping; Edinburgh; ScotlandIsNow; Glasgow

Many entrepreneurs are relocating to Scotland to accelerate their growth through the vast network of savvy investors, accelerator programmes and tech hubs available  

We work with a select group of entrepreneurs each year and help map the current entrepreneurial landscape




Join forces with a partner to drive both of your brands

Co-branding brings together aligned parties to leverage and drive products and services

We work with Global-to-Local business partners; helping each other leverage coverage potential

Content creation

Content creation

We can help fit in with unique regional cultures

Partner with us to build your successful developer, business and academic community in tune with local accents

We are embedded in the local scene.  This helps us create the right messaging for the local market aligned with your development strategy

Event management

Event management

We offer full event management; event strategy and design, promotion, event logistics, budget control, onsite management and post-event evaluation

We work closely with you and your team to identify the right event venue, style and theme for you 

 Let us help you to throw a memorable event for your clients 


Meetups Technology

Chair meetups for developer, retail and business customers in Edinburgh or Glasgow 

We will help you on the day with your inaugural meetup


Technology Roadshows

The ultimate field event...

We have an extensive network locally, nationally and across the globe

We tap into our knowledge network on your behalf to help you plan your roadshow roadmap and propel your brand

Speaker Sourcing

Speaker Sourcing

Sourcing technology subject matter experts and digitally savvy speakers aligned with your event requirements

We work with many great speakers and the source best specialist for your event