blockchain use cases

These blockchain application areas and use cases reflect current trends in global blockchain growth areas, the potential for any business model to be disrupted with this emerging technology is high and at risk when an intermediary is required in the supply chain

Blockchain use cases are assessed based on three categories:  

1) Intermediary 2) Data 3) Process  

Combine these three categories to evaluate blockchain deployment and suitability for your business growth solutions

 Blockchain achieves immutability, transparency and permanence of data 


Foreign Currency Payments

Blockchain offers banks and international trading houses the opportunity to improve efficiencies, trust and transparency for international payments.  Emerging  crypto currencies are a growing competitor for financial services and the financial sector will need to adapt to compete  

Success criteria  

  1. Blockchain is the intermediary 
  2. Fast and cheap transfer of funds between different currencies 
  3. Banks adapt to the growing competition of crypto currencies
  4. Simplification of auditing by external auditors and real-time audits 



Smart Grid

Blockchain could replace traditional providers of electrical energy. Energy could become decentralised, therefore reducing the risk of power outages from centralised providers 


 Success criteria 

  1. Energy trading activities are secured by the blockchain
  2. Automated auction and trading processes by smart contracts
  3. Peer to peer supply and demand via local blockchain to grid solutions 
  4. Smart meter data sharing secured on a blockchain


Education Certificates

Personal ownership of educational certificates, which are essential throughout your professional career

  Success criteria  

  1. Education authorities can upload education data to create  cryptographically secure digital certificates 
  2. Certification authority share certificate with learner
  3. Certificates can be verified by potential employer
  4. Secure autonomous global education certificate registry