Our Advisory Services


Rapid Learning

Focused knowledge shares and workshops for non-technology native stakeholders, senior management and business teams

Your bespoke education session is custom-made for your sector 

These sessions deliver value in three key areas: 

1) Help you to have high-level blockchain interactions with your clients 

2) Unlock the potential innovation within your teams

3) Assess the full potential of any blockchain solution deployed 

We are passionate about helping businesses succeed with the human side to technology solutions and are excited to be delivering these educational sessions to your business

Duration: 1 hour - 1 day


Business Readiness

Internal process analysis, external market analysis and solution identification 

Blockchain has the potential to deliver value to businesses through transparency, automation, autonomy, security and client accountability 

Current areas of impact are in supply chain management, tamper-proof consensus driven technology architectures and generating trust in complex global ecosystems 

All of these have the potential to reduce operational costs and speed up decision making.

We have the knowledge and capabilities to assess your blockchain use case and suitability for deploying a blockchain solution 

Duration: 2 - 4 weeks 

Level 3

Selection Support

Enterprise blockchain vendor selection or evaluation of current service providers

By it's very nature as blockchain technology is a social technology.  This means that often the blockchain projects and solutions available in the early stages of this emerging technology were not in sync with current enterprise needs

If your business is going through a digital transformation and blockchain reassessment we can help you through this business pivot by helping you select the right solution

As we are not affiliated to one blockchain solution we will not hold any bias to solutions we deliver

Duration:  4 - 8 weeks